The Library


Welcome to our School Library.

Did you know it’s not just a place to share our books?

It’s a magical gateway at the heart of our school where our children can explore the halls of Hogwarts, solve mysteries with Alex Rider, discover new spells with Mildred and marvel at how Jiggy finally removed his troublesome underpants!

It is so much more than a place to find books; it’s a place to relax and tell stories, a safe space to read alone, a haven to listen to audio books or learn how to navigate a newspaper - it’s even a place for those who ‘don’t like reading’! Everyone is welcome.

Our children know that our incredible librarian, Mrs Marr, is always there every lunchtime to read them a story, share her enthusiasm for reading and listen to their thoughts. Plus, the Mini Librarians are available to help sign out the books to be enjoyed at home or in the classroom. We also hold a range of competitions throughout the year.


Enter our woodland wonderland of literature and the books will make you wonder, dare, share, marvel, inquire, question, create, connect and imagine! 

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