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Anti Homophobia &


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Attendance Download Policy     

Behaviour (Updated May 2020)


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Mobile Phones Download Policy   
Charging and Remissions Download Policy Off Site Visits Download Policy  

Child Protection and



Annexe in response to



COVID19 Addendum



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Peer on Peer Abuse Policy







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Education Settings Annex A - The safeguarding arrangements for the wider Opening of education settings to children from June 1st


‘Lockdown Lens’ for schools: Safeguarding children in Derbyshire











Playtime Policy Download Policy
Complaints Download Policy Privacy Notice Download Policy  
Complaints (Child Friendly) Download Policy Private Fostering Download Policy  

Computing and Online Safety

Acceptable Use of the Internet


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Public Sector Equality Duty Statement

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    Remote learning

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Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) Download Policy Roles and Responsibilites Download Policy  
Data Protection Download Policy  RSE Download Policy  
Dinner Money and Breakfast Club Debt Download Policy Security Download Policy  
Drugs and Substances Download Policy  SEN Download Policy  
Effective Feedback Download Policy  Separated Parents  Download Policy  

Equality and Diversity


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Equalities Objectives

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Exclusions (Updated June 2020)

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Extremism and Radicalisation Download Policy   Uniform and Jewellery Download Policy 
Financial Regulations & Procedures Download Policy   Young Carers Download Policy  
Health and Safety Download Policy      
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