School meals

The children have their meals in the dining hall of Hasland Community School. Meals are paid via ParentPay, the cost of this is £11.00 per week payable.  Arrangements are made for children who wish to bring sandwiches to eat in the dining hall with their own particular year group. Pupils beginning or discontinuing school meals should give at least one week’s notice.

Parents/carers who feel that their children may be entitled to free meals should ask at school or apply via:


Click here to find out what is on the menu this week.


Healthy Choices in Schools

The Heart of Derbyshire campaign was launched in September 2015 to help people make healthy choices when eating out.  This scheme was extended into schools whose meals are produced by county catering team. Schools are being offered reduced fat, salt and sugar dishes and more fruit, vegetables and wholegrain choices.

Is is important for everyone to eat healthily.  Poor diet can contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, coronory heart disease, strokes and cancer.

The Derbyshire Catering Service has achieved the Heart of Derbyshire Gold award, which is an indication of their commitment to providing healthy options and catering for specific requirments.  This should reassure parents and carers that their children can make healthy choices.

For more information visit



We have a healthly eating break time snack policy.  Children only bring in snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables.  On Fridays toast is served at morning break for 10p a slice.


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