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'Reach for the moon and even if you miss,
you will land amongst the stars.'

Year 6

Welcome to Year Six – a fantastic year in which your child embarks on their final year of primary education.  We have high expectations for all our learners: our values and vision are rooted in ensuring all children achieve, enjoy and thrive.  We pride ourselves on nurturing our learners and our ethos both encourages and promotes an environment where children can be themselves and ensures all have maximum opportunity to achieve their full potential.  Through fun and exciting lessons, theme days and inspirational trips, we develop children’s curiosity, imagination and love of learning, providing the children with lasting memories which they will treasure.


Towards the end of Key Stage 2, Year 6 children take the KS2 SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests).  Children are assessed for a week during the middle of May.  This can be a time when children may feel anxious but rest assured that children will be relaxed, prepared and ready to tackle the tests!  With breakfast available, calm music and extended breaks, we are often asked at the end of the week if SATs week can be extended!


As we approach the summer term, our focus shifts to the transition to secondary school.  We aim to equip learners with the skills, confidence and positive attitudes that will support them to make a smooth transition to their chosen secondary school, ensuring they continue their learning journey with all the academic, social and life skills needed to build upon.


Year 6 Autumn 1 2021


Place Value

Addition & subtraction

 Multiplication & Division


The Day of The Dead Flashback story



Understand that light travels in straight lines

 Explain how we see things

 Investigate why shadows have the same shape as their object

 Plan a scientific enquiry to answer questions


What does it mean to be a Muslim

The five pillars of Islam

 Eid ul Fitr

 Pilgrimage to Mecca

 Eid ul Adha

 The Qur’an



Searching the web

Selecting search results

How search results are ranked

How searches are influenced

How we communicate

Communicating responsibly


Real Gym Unit 1:

Explore ways to perform gymnastics skills with a ball and begin to link these to create a sequence.

Outdoor PE: Endball

Recognise patterns of play which will increase chances of success

Use awareness of space and others to make good decisions


Being Safe

Understand how to make informed choices

 Acknowledge, assess and understand how to predict risks

 Reflect on the importance of protecting information, particularly online


The Ancient Maya

Who the Mayans are and where they live


 Lost jungle cities

 Chichen Itza

 Consider how historians know so much about Ancient Maya

 Pok –A –Tok

 Identify factors that could have led to the abandonment of the jungle cities


Être and avoir

Use a variety of conjugations of être and avoir to ask and answer a series of questions


Ask the time

 Tell the time on the hour, quarter past and half past

 Daily Routine


You’ve Got A Friend

Listen and appraise

Learn the song

Use instruments to improvise and compose


Street Art

Explore the works of graffiti and famous graffiti artists

Develop own style, using exploration and experimentation