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'Reach for the moon and even if you miss,
you will land amongst the stars.'

Year 3

Welcome to Year Three

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our children and parents to year three. Year three is a very exciting year as it is the year that children join our school. In the first term, we make sure that we spend time getting to know each individual child; both academically, but more importantly, personally. We love to find out about their interests, passions and talents. 

Becoming independent is a key focus of the first few weeks in year three. We spend time with the children ensuring that they get to know the school, staff, rules, routines and behaviours that we expect from them. They are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and we work hard with them over the year to ensure that they become independent, resilient and self-reflective learners.

Whilst the Junior school curriculum moves away from continuous provision, to a more formal timetable of lessons, we aim to create fun, exciting and interactive learning opportunities. The children play musical instruments, enjoy learning through drama, use digital media to support their learning, participate in trips to local places of interest (such as Cresswell Crags) plus many more experiences during the year.

In addition, the mental and physical health of our children is a high priority and we aim to develop the children’s emotional literacy and coping strategies throughout the curriculum and in dedicated ‘Class Connection’ and ‘Mindfulness’ sessions.

We are very lucky to have a committed team consisting of talented teachers and experienced teaching assistants who are keen to work in partnership to ensure we provide the very best provision for our amazing children.

For more specific details about the transition into year 3, please see our School Prospectus.

Year 3 Autumn 1 2021


Place Value

Addition and Subtraction


Aladin’s Three Wishes – Baseline recount writing

The Koala Who Could 

If I had Wings – Investigating and writing poetry


Magnets and Springs

 Investigating how different magnets work

Creating our own investigations into the strength of magnets 

Magnets in our world

What does it mean to be a Christian?

 The key beliefs of Christians

 How Christians worship

 How Christians support the community


Computing systems and networks: Connecting Computers

 How digital devices work and help us

 How digital devices connect

 Our school network


Real Gym Unit 1: Traveling and balancing

 Refining traveling skills using floor work and apparatus 

Outdoor PE:

 Tennis workshops from Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club


Being Responsible

 Developing and knowing rules

 Understanding our rights and responsibilities

 Knowing about human rights


The Stone Age

 Knowing where the stone age fits in history

 Investigating using artefacts



Greetings and animals

 Understand that French is spoken in France and elsewhere

 Say and respond to greetings in French

 Know and use the French names for animals and pets


Glockenspiels Unit 1

 Listening to accompaniment

 Learning about pulse and time signatures

 Performing simple melodies on a glockenspiel


Eric Carle

 Investigating the artist Eric Carle

 Mark Making and brush stroke using paint, brushes, rollers and other