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Physical Education

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.’      Department of Education, National Curriculum.

At Hasland Junior School, PE is taught in the context of the school curriculum intent: 

 For our children to develop physical literacy and apply fundamental movement skills within every lesson, we want children to maximise active opportunities throughout PE lessons. 

Children are at the forefront of each lesson so they can have a direct impact on their learning throughout the year. Another of our aims is for learning to be enhanced through an extensive after-school club timetable allowing children to experience a wide variety of sporting opportunities.  

 During the school day, we plan for children to be active at regular intervals and we want staff to understand and appreciate the importance of the positive effects of active learning on the brain. We aspire to increase the number of children who are active and engaged at lunchtimes, leading to a healthy and active lifestyle.

 Further to this, we would like children to take the initiative by becoming excellent young leaders, organising, officiating and evaluating what needs to be done to improve. Furthermore we would like the pupils of Hasland Junior School to motivate and instil excellent sporting attitudes in others. We hope these positive attributes will leave a lasting legacy both in and out of school. 

Physical Education Intent, Implementation and Impact document policy