Hasland Junior School

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'Reach for the moon and even if you miss,
you will land amongst the stars.'


Computing is a practical subject, in which invention and resourcefulness are encouraged, this leads to children who are curious, creative and courageous. We want our children to be prepared to thrive in this technologically rich world we live in. We want our pupils to have a high level of computer literacy so they are better able to conceptualise, understand and use computer-based technology, therefore, they are better prepared as they move on through education and into adult life.

We have a variety of resources for teaching computing at Hasland Junior School including: a Computer suite with 30 computers for the children; computers in each year group for use in groups or as individuals; 2 trolleys of iPads which are used to support learning across the curriculum and increasingly in more creative ways; 2 trolleys of laptops to be used across the curriculum. These resources are all well utilised and timetabled by staff for pupils to use each week. Within the last year, each class has been fitted with a large, top of the range interactive whiteboard. Not only is this a fantastic tool for teaching and learning, the children also have the opportunity to share work from their iPad to the whole class via the whiteboard. We are very lucky to have a Computing Teaching Assistant who supports every class during their Computing Lesson.

As well as hardware, we use a range of software and resources to support staff and pupils with the teaching and learning of computing. In September 2021 we have changed the Computing curriculum which will continue to challenge the children whilst supporting staff to do teach with confidence.

Children have the opportunity to explore and respond to key issues such as digital communication, cyber-bullying, online safety, security, plagiarism and social media. The importance of online safety is shown through displays within the learning environment and computer suite. Parents are informed when issues relating to online safety arise and further information/support is provided if required.

As well as opportunities underpinned within the scheme of work, children also spend time in PSHE/Class Connection further exploring the key issues associated with online safety.

We want our computing curriculum to prepare pupils to live safely in an increasingly digital British society where pupils can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems.

Computing Intent, Implementation and Impact document policy